Sandown Toy Collectors Fair

It was great to once again return to the huge Sandown Toy Collectors Fair in Surrey this past Saturday. With over 500+ stalls it was a great and lengthy day out having an awesome time looking for new items to add to my collection and to drool over those hard to get (and sometimes unaffordable) items being displayed in almost every stall.

It is hard to imagine that with all the thousands of feet that passed through the door, that this is supposedly a dying hobby. With lots of stalls unfortunately selling at premium prices, there were still many that had some interesting and affordable models for sale that would have fit anybody's wallet. That said though many of the higher priced items were for mint items that would be awesome in any collection for investment and also just plain fun to gaze upon. 

As you all know I limit myself to collecting only VW Golfs so as to not get carried away. The down side of this is that they are quite hard to come by at the shows and normally the ones that are for sale I already have. I did however manage to find two items and then just for the heck of it on the way out bought two VW buses as well. All four at give-away prices so I was happy.

Make: Jet-car de Norev
Model: VW Golf Mk 1
Scale: 1:43
Detail: Blue with opening tailgate branded with Lustucru decals

Make: Siku
Model: VW Golf Mk 1 GLS Cabriolet
Scale: 1:64
Detail: Green Cabriolet

Make: Corgi and Lledo
Model: VW T1 Busses
Scale: 1:43
Detail: Corgi - T1 Nivea Creme branded
            Lledo - T1 Kroon Promo Model